Just like us, our crystals collect energy (good & bad) and need a good cleanse every now and then. 
While your personal cleansing method of choice might be to putting it into your journal and have a good cry, your crystal collection needs a little outside intervention to dispel the bad juju and reset and recharge its healing energies. 
At Moon Goddess Co we cleanse your crystal kits before we send them off to you, so they are charged and ready for your new journey with our crystals.

Whether you are using a new crystal for the first time, or just want to refresh your crystal’s energy after using it, cleansing your crystal’s energy on a regular basis is important.

Cleansing your crystals removes stagnant energy, old programming, and any other unwanted energies they’ve picked up over time.

It’s especially important if you are using your crystal to remove negative vibrations because healing crystals absorb that energy from your space.

Cleansing them refreshes them and gets them ready to absorb more energy.

It also restores your crystals to their original energetic properties and frequencies.

Don’t forget to cleanse and charge your crystal jewelry as well!

Methods to Cleanse your Crystals
Moonlight (My Personal Fave)
The moon is crazy powerful, A new moon is always a perfect time to set intentions.  Look up, feel up and be up - hold your crystals with a clear intention and leave crystals in the direct light of a full or new moon overnight to cleanse. This is the safest and most suitable option for ALL stone types, we understand it can sometimes be a mission lugging all your beauties outside, a windowsill is suitable!
Crystal Cleansing
Place your crystals on a Kyanite, Selenite or Quartz plate, or inside a geode and allow the crystalline energies to cleanse and clear, Allow your intuition to guide you as to how long to leave them.  As you become more attuned to crystal energy you may begin to notice the subtle energetic qualities of the crystals and the messages, they have for you. Let these messages be your guide. 
If in doubt, smoke it out...
Using incense, cones, resins, herbs, palo or sage sticks that make sufficient smoke will cleanse and clear crystals.  Sandalwood, juniper, frankincense and sage are known for their strong purifying properties.  Light your smudge of choice and carefully pass your stone through the smoke or place incense near the stones for constant access to smoke.  Don’t get distracted and keep your intention in mind, As Cleansing methods should never be left unattended.
Cleansing with sound
Sound breaks up any stuck energy and restores harmony.  Using a tuning fork, Singing bowl, crystal bowls, bells, chanting, drumming or cymbals, place your stones near the instrument and hold your intention in mind. For singing bowls, place the stones in the bowl and circle the stick around the rim. For chanting, hold the stones in your hands while chanting. 
A Salt Bath
Salt is known for its purification this can be used when cleansing crystals to. Use a tablespoon of salt in a bowl of water and soak your crystals. This can be harsh and difficult to remove the salt build-up in the crevices of some crystals.  If you’re not a fan of cleaning, try dry salt on a plate piled around a stone and leave for a day (this won’t damage your stone) and can be a powerful way of cleansing. Discard the salt after use. Please note that this method is not recommended for crystals that are unable to get wet. Most likely things ending in "ite".
Running Water
Don’t feel like dealing with salt? Allowing your crystals to sit in a drinking glass or bowl under cool running tap water for several minutes is also A-OK. If you are near to natural running water, stones can be placed in an open mesh bag and left for a short time in the natural running water - running water also cleanses as well as energizes the stones at the same time.  
Please check that your crystal can be emerged safely in water, since some should not be left to soak in water as this can have an adverse effect on them. Specifically, porous stones or those with high metal content. Any type is quartz is fine – anything ending in ‘ite’ is generally a NO GO zone eg – Kyanite, Selenite etc.
Just like how the sunshine fills us with happiness, placing your crystals in the sun can restore and rejuvenate energy.  With clear intention or after cleaning the crystal with water you can leave the crystal in the sun to dry and recharge with solar energy.  Be mindful doing this with fluorite, amethyst + rose quartz too long and they may lose their stunning colour! & clear quartz as it can reflect the sun’s rays and be a fire risk.
Back to nature
Just like buried treasure, a freshly cleansed and re-energized crystal is a treasure to behold.  On a full moon bury your crystal in the earth or clay (and mark the spot), setting clear intentions, and unearth it on the new moon.  
Cleansing with physical contact
Native American belief holds that it's not always necessary to energize crystals with any of the above methods because they will naturally energize themselves from our body's own energy field when they are picked up and handled or rubbed between the palms of the hands. In this case, just set your intentions and give your rocks a squeeze.
As a general guideline, it’s recommended that you cleanse your crystals every time you set a new intention (or at least once every 30 days). It’s up to you to choose the best method for you and your crystals, and you may wish to use one or all of the above methods.
August 09, 2023 — Hayley Ragona

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