Labradorite | Transform & Spirit (small)



Chakra: Third Eye
Star sign: Scorpio, Leo, Sagitarius
Element: Water & Air
Ruling Planet: Moon & Uranus
COLOUR: Grey-green with dark veining and rainbow lustre consisting of usually yellow/green/blue flash but can be a full spectrum rainbow.
AFFIRMATION: “I accept change and transformation in my life and live in harmony.”
BEST FOR: Increasing creativity and imagination, great for self-discovery and especially spiritual growth and attunement. A great stone for transformation
COMPANION STONES: Moonstone: for Exploration & New Direction, Lapis Lazuli: for Imagination & Concentration , Smokey Quartz: for Intuition, Hematite: for Dispeling & Protection from negativity.


About Labradorite:

  • Meaning: Labradorite is revered for its mystical properties, often associated with self-discovery, intuition, and the awakening of one's inner spirit.
  • Healing Properties: The crystal is believed to have healing energies that can alleviate anxiety, depression, and potentially boost the immune system.
  • Protection: Labradorite is said to provide a shield against negative energies and misfortunes, promoting a safe and grounded existence.
  • Usage: It can be used in meditation or worn as jewelry to enhance self-awareness, psychic abilities, and to navigate through life changes.
  • Care: To maintain its luster and energetic properties, it's advisable to cleanse and recharge Labradorite regularly, either by smudging or placing it under moonlight.