Full Moon in Leo

If there were ever a good excuse to howl at the moon, it’s this Thursday night.

As Friday January 26th at 04:54 am (Melbourne Time) we welcome the Full Wolf Moon in Leo.

The first full Moon of 2024 occurs in Leo, greeting us at the start of Aquarius season. While Aquarius teaches us to shift the collective consciousness by being ourselves, Leo helps us decide what that means. It helps us feel our truth. The full Moon in Leo is a time of both celebration and revelation, when we can honor the steps we have made and see what in our lives needs attention to shift.

Celebrate: The unique way that you shine, the people who make your heart sing, your romantic nature, your fashion sense, your childlike wonder, the places where you feel like a natural leader, your fiercely competitive streak that won’t let you quit on yourself.

The Spiritual Meaning of the Full Moon in Astrology

The full moon is the peak of the lunar cycle when it is the largest and brightest of the eight phases it goes through each month. These emotional phases often hold secrets to be unlocked and new information to be revealed. In astrology, the full moon occurs when the sun, which represents our ego and heart's desire, opposes the moon, which governs our intuition and emotions. This can make the full moon a time of emotional conflict but also a time of great reward if you are willing to be honest with yourself and face the truth. If you have been pondering a problem or if something has been troubling you lately, the full moon could be the time when everything comes to light. 

What should you do on a full moon?

That’s up to you! There are no right or wrong answers for what full moon rituals you can try.

A good guide for full moon rituals? Choose an activity that aligns with the energy of the full moon based on its zodiac sign.

Leo Full Moon Rituals:

A great way to work through the challenges during the Leo full moon is through journaling, guided meditation, and gaining inspiration and encouragement from like-minded people.

In its highest expression, regal Leo is the power of abundance and loves to share its gifts. Here’s your chance to open up your treasure chest and spread some generosity with these Leo Full Moon ritual.

Leo is the fire sign that rules abundance. In our consumer culture, it’s easy to keep on craving more, more, more. While there’s nothing wrong with collecting beautiful treasures, it’s easy to be so focused on amassing that we forget to acknowledge our trove. Our Leo full moon rituals helps you feel good about letting go of stuff!

Just dance

Full-bodied self-expression is what this lunar event is all about, Need a visual? Grasp your inner Taylor Swift and Shake it off! Whether you’re burning up a dance floor or trying out TikTok moves, let the power of dance enter your life as an ongoing tradition. Daily dance breaks are good for the soul & the heart, the organ Leo rules. There’s no time like the present to get yours pumping with a little dance.

Shine bright like a diamond!

Glamorizing Leo is the sign that rules pleasure, indulgence and full-bodied self-expression. Break out the sequins, bold patterns and glittery everything. Who cares if you’re only making a coffee run? Rather than fade into the background, wear something that might be more appropriate for a night on the town than a lazy day on the couch. Be it a pair of silver "Swifty" boots or a rainbow of tye dye, take advantage of this lunar light to master the art of the selfie.

Have an early Valentines Day celebration

Romance falls under passionate Leo’s domain:

Champagne by moonlight? Yes, please. If you’re comfortable with traveling, you could dream up plans for a baecation and find the perfect rental to suit your desires.

Single or just Craving some Self-Love?

Romance yourself with a bouquet of flowers or something new for your wardrobe that makes you feel like your fiercest self.

Focus on your back or heart area, both of which are ruled by Leo!

Give back to No. 1. Gift yourself with a romantic bouquet of flowers, or a piece of signature jewelry.

What does astrology say to expect during January's full moon?

You know that with full moon energy we can tend to a little feel edgy, or those with kids or in the education industry usually expect the week being a little extra wild? Well you can expect an amplification of those effects around January's full moon thanks to its position in Leo, which is associated with theatrics and drama, along with other astro factors that will heighten emotion and bring conflict to light. You might feel the effects longer too, from as early as January 17 through February 1.

This full moon will be a boom for fire signs, especially Leos, with some upsides for air signs as well. It will be a bit more challenging for water and earth signs and might "push us out of our comfort zones,” but that's not always a bad thing. This can ultimately lead to positive changes, and its actually a particularly good time for it: All the planets are going "direct" a couple of days after the full moon, which means no retrogrades for the next few months! "Hallelujah!"

If opportunity comes, this is really a great time. The stars are all saying, 'Let’s move forward.' You’ve got green lights from the stars. Regardless of what challenges come!

Whatever your sign, this is the perfect time for focusing on yourself (time for self-care and self-love!), expressing your creativity, letting your inner child play, setting bold intentions (nothing too dangerous though), sparking romance, getting through conflict, and expressing and receiving gratitude.

Permission to let your inner child play?

Reminder from the beginning: If there were ever a good excuse to howl at the moon, it’s the full Wolf Moon this January!

Leo Full Moon Correspondence:

Element: Fire (Leo is a fire sign).

Candle Color: Red, purple, orange, yellow, gold, bronze.

Crystals/Stones: Rainbow moonstone and selenite/satin spar are my go-to full moon stones to work with during the full moon).

Some excellent crystals and stones to carry with you during a Leo moon also include Lion Skin Jasper (of course), Tiger’s Eye, Tiger Iron, Aventurine, Golden Topaz, Amber, and Pyrite.

Herbs/Tea: Chamomile, ginger, peppermint, citrus, bay, calendula.

Essential Oils/Incense: Cinnamon, ginger, peppermint, chamomile, frankincense, black pepper.

Journal Prompts:

  • What is my light, what are my gifts, that I have been afraid or hesitant to shine into the world?

  • What ideas have I been holding back or resisting because they feel weird, too much, misunderstood or out there?

  • Who or what am I serving by holding them back, by putting my light under a bushel?

  • What gifts and brightness do I owe the world, the collective?

  • How can I find more courage, more heart, to bring these gifts and these wild imaginings into the world?

Hayley Ragona