Ever heard that term "Once in a Blue Moon", yep that rare occurrence is real and we're about to experience it on Thursday, August 31 at 11.35am AEST.

What is a Blue Moon?

Each calendar year, the moon completes her final cycle about eleven days before the Earth finishes its complete orbit around the sun. These days add up, and every two and a half years or so, we get an extra full moon in a given month. That second full moon for the month is called a blue moon. 

Is the Moon Really Blue?

Don't let the name perceive you, no, this moon won't be the actual colour blue.

What does the Blue Moon signify?

We all know a Full Moon is already super powerful when it comes to energy, cleansing & manifestation. But a Blue Moon holds even more, to boost your work, supercharge your batteries, & intensify your efforts to reach those goals. It can also represent a time of intense satisfaction, as your goals are met & your intuition is at its highest.

While its name origin isn't exactly clear, its most definitely the time to take advantage of an extra cycle of intention setting to further those goals.

Not only is this Moon super powerful being a Blue Moon but it is also a Super Moon, could you get any more powerful?

Blue moons are already a rare occurrence, happening every 2 to 3 years. The last being on August 22, 2021. But the synchronicity of two full supermoons in a single month last happened in 2018 and now won't repeat until 2037.

This rarity has given rise to the phrase "once in a blue moon."

A "supermoon" describes a full moon's proximity to Earth during its full phase, causing it to appear larger and brighter. This full moon will be particularly close, a mere 222,043 miles (357,344 kilometers) away.

A Night of Reverence and Reflection

Having two Full Moons in one calendar month indicates a big surge of release energy. Something may exit our lives, like a relationship, job, a trauma, or even psychic energies that are not ours to carry.

In astrology, the August blue full moon super moon is said to bring about a heightened sense of awareness and intuition. It is a time of increased emotional energy, making it an ideal time for healing, meditation, and spiritual practices.

As the blue supermoon graces our night sky, it's a moment to appreciate not only the celestial wonders but also the bonds that tie us together. This unique occurrence invites us to cherish family connections, release negativity, and usher in a year of prosperity.

The Pisces Blue Moon and Six Retrogrades

Retrogrades occur when a planet appears to be moving backwards. Under the Pisces Blue Moon, we will have Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto all in retrograde.

While it is not uncommon to have a few planets in retrograde at one time, having six is definitely rare! Plus, both Mercury and Venus retrograde together can be an intense combination.

Retrograde energy tends to get us looking back over the past. It is a time for reflection, rather than moving ahead. On the outside, strong retrograde energy can create delays, miscommunications, mishaps, and make us feel a little uncertain. We can feel like we are moving in circles or unsure of ourselves and what is next.

While society doesn’t really prioritize making time for stillness, being patient, & being in a state of non-action, but this strong retrograde energy from the Universe beckons us to take on some.

This strong retrograde energy calls for us to go within ourselves, to connect with our inner world, and to recognize that there is a wealth of wisdom that lives within us.

Spend time journaling, meditating, and walking through nature these are all fantastic ways to calm the mind and enter the heart of the body.

As Pisces rules over the feet, walking meditations can also be a fantastic way to harness this energy. Strong retrograde energy can also sharpen our intuition and psychic senses, so working with these innate gifts can come naturally.

There is a magic in the air under this Blue Pisces Super Moon, so stay open to what it offers you, even if you are moving through a cleansing or releasing of sorts.

Rituals for the Blue Moon in Pisces

Create a sacred space,

I always begin any ritual or spell by physically and energetically cleansing the space around me.

Tidy any clutter and give your room a clean. Burn some herbs, put on a diffuser, use a room spray, or use sound to cleanse the energy, banish any negative vibes, and feel clear and light for your ritual.

We have some great products to cleanse that energy SMUDGING – Moon Goddess Co.

Reflect on where you are,

A full moon is a wonderful time to express gratitude for all that’s good in your life. Take stock of where you are today.

What has been happening in your world? Is there anything you need to let go of? What changes would you like to make?

Is there anything you want to complete or finish up, like a project, a business launch, or something else?

Set an intention,

Full moons are not usually a time for setting new intentions. The energy of the new moon is more aligned with this. However, given the spiritual meaning of a blue moon and its magic, it would be a shame not to harness this energy and use it to make a wish or set an intention.

Think about a long-term goal you’d love to achieve and manifest between now and the next blue moon. Write a letter of thanks to the Universe as though it has already come true. Visualize it in your mind. What can you see? How do you feel? Who is with you? Draw on all five of your senses to create a vivid picture.


Connect with loved ones

A full moon has a very feminine, nourishing energy to it, which is amplified on a blue moon. So, make the most of this by spending time with the people you love most & nourish those relationships.

Now is the perfect time to do things outside and immerse yourself in nature (picnics, walks on the beach, stargazing) or something creative (a dance class, painting, or cooking together).

Make moon water

The full moon is always a perfect time to make moon water; the blue moon energy will pack even more punch.

Fill a bowl with tap or rainwater & place it on a balcony or somewhere outside over the night of the blue moon. Add crystals to the water if you want to cleanse and recharge them (just make sure they are water-friendly!)

You can store this in an airtight container for months and use it in spells, rituals, or baths.

Take a Bath

I love taking a bath anytime, especially on the new and full moon.

On the new moon, I do it as a reset, to wash away the old and welcome in the new. New Moon Ritual Soak – Moon Goddess Co

On the full moon, I do it as an act of self-care & Cleansing.

Full Moon Ritual Soak – Moon Goddess Co

Our Full Moon Ritual Soak will create a divine bath that smells amazing and nourishes your mind, body, and soul.

Pop on a soothing playlist and rest in this tranquil space.

Think about your blue moon intention and what you want to come to fruition between now and the next blue moon.

Full Moon  | Crystal Kit – Moon Goddess Co

Reset & Renew with our Full Moon crystal kit.

Simply put, the stronger your connection to the full moon, the more your heart chakra is aligned. Your heart chakra is home to kindness and forgiveness. This means that a full moon is actually the perfect time to let go of negativity. Boost the Full Moon energy with our carefully selected tumbled crystals Moonstone, Opalite, Fluorite, Labradorite & Sodalite

Crystal Meanings:
  • Moonstone: believed to be a goddess stone, it’s known as the stone for the new beginnings. It’s believed to help you in making the right decision at the right time. Moonstone has a strong connection to the moon. It’s believed to ease stress and balances emotions. It’s believed to bring balance and harmony. it’s believed to have a reflective and calming energy and is self-healing and intuitive. It is spiritually referred to as the Angel Healing Stone.
  • Opalite: can boost the mood in no time, and it will turn a sad face into a smile. It has a specific shine that only a few other crystals can boost. From this point of view, it may be referred to as Tiffany’s stone, not to mention the ice cream stone due to its specific coolness in terms of looks.
  • Fluorite: believed to encourage orderly thinking, increase concentration, assist in balance and aids in staying focused. It is believed to be an excellent learning stone for the office or study. It helps to learn and understand new things and promotes fast responses. It’s believed to help with organization, planning, staying focused, and calming stress or chaos. It’s believed to aid in everyday life and routines increasing self-confidence.
  • Labradorite: believed to be a calming crystal for the overactive mind. This stone is believed to help your inner fears and insecurities disappear. It is a protective stone with mystical energy connecting you with other universal energies. It helps you retain your aura’s energy and it does not allow your energy to escape. This stone is believed to take you to another universe and onto other lives.
  • Sodalite:  believed to strengthen your ability to see things clearer, it clears the mental fog. Belonging to the Third Eye Chakra it helps open up intuitive insight and spiritual perception. This stone spiritually deepens & enhances meditation. This stone is believed to help bring emotional calm & balance, protecting you from panic attacks. With clarity comes calmness helping you spiritually realise your inner fears & helping you release them. It’s believed to help you remain loyal to your beliefs & stand up for what you believe in, remaining true to yourself.
Hayley Ragona