When I began candle making in 2015, I never expected it to become what it is today.

What started as a little hobby from a candle kit on eBay, grew into a love for discovering the magic of candles, a little side hustle while amid a career change from hairdressing to studying early childhood education, Candle making was my wind down from studying and an adventure out to some of my favourite markets.

As my love for candles grew, so did my skills noticing Candles can be a bit of a saturated market I wanted a point of difference and noticing most candles are a plain clear jar, wanting to be unique, I looked into finding beautiful & more exciting glassware that would not only be a beautifully scented candle in your home but a unique statement piece. Also building my skills to self-teach myself to make our unique milkshake candles that became a popular item at our markets.

Working full time & juggling a small business was tricky at times but in 2020 everything came in alignment, with the dreaded Covid pandemic allowed us to grow as a business with our products bringing people a little joy while stuck at home. 2020 was also the year I became a Mum welcoming our little man, Wyatt. With the growth from the pandemic, it allowed me to stay home doing what I love most crafting & being a mum.

But as we all know 2020 was a year, we can probably all admit we struggled with the anxiety and alongside being a new mum confined to our home with a new baby, I looked into ways I could overcome or assist this. I have always been drawn to spirituality, crystals and as my husband says, “witchy juju”. So Covid anxiety allowed me to discover this more I found the comfort of online women’s circles to help with the confined anxiety and learning about manifestation and the way the moon cycles can assist us with growth & release comforting. Also allowing myself to grow as a person but also implement some within my business giving it growth.

I have since learnt there are a lot more mums & women out there going though these everyday struggles and that manifestation, Self-Care and Spiritual Wellness can assist them too. That’s where I felt Hayley Renee Soy Candles had grown just like I had from when I started it at 20 years old and now as I’m about to turn 30 it was time for Hayley Renee Soy Candles to evolve just as I am which is where I made the decision to rebrand becoming Moon Goddess Co.

If you know me, I have a love (well obsession) for the Moon and all its magic, The moon plays so many parts in our everyday lives and is so much more than just a big glowing rock in the sky. We are also all goddesses in our own power, and we deserve to show it.

Becoming so much more than just candles and smelly things I want Moon Goddess Co to be a safe place that guides women to discover the tools to battle those everyday anxiety’s we go through & take the time out for ourselves allowing you to evolve and discover the uniqueness that is you.

Our mantra is Fitting in is Boring, Be uniquely You!

As one of our anxiety’s should never be the desire to fit in, we are beautifully unique in every way and once you discover, enjoy and enhance that power you are unstoppable.

I hope that you join and enjoy this journey with me. It’s a pretty magical adventure.

Stay Unique,

Hayley the Unique Goddess of Moon Goddess co.

July 30, 2023 — Hayley Ragona

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