Lepidolite | Crystal Tealight Holder


The Stone of Transition!


Lepidolite Energy:

Chakra: Crown, Third Eye & Heart Element: Water Planet: Jupiter & Neptune Star sign:  Libra

BEST FOR: Easing anxiety, increasing patience and understanding, and spiritual growth.

AFFIRMATION: “I am emotionally balanced and filled with inner peace.”

The Stone of Transition, The Peace Stone, the Grandmother Stone: Lepidolite comes with a range of names, all that speaks its sense of sweet nurturing and ability to stabilize the soul. Lepidolite is an excellent stone at clearing out blockages and nudging you towards a place where you can connect to your higher self. It’s an essential to have on hand during times of challenging change or when working to overcome anxious moods and climbing tension.

  • Wear for chakra cleansing and protection.
  • Carry for personal journeys.
  • Welcome in the home for harmony.

For those looking to Lepidolite to reclaim their center and to cut out the chaos of overwhelm and anxiety, there are many ways you can invite this stone into your life. Whether you choose to wear Lepidolite in the form of gemstone jewelry or if you pick a pretty hunk of this intricate lavender quartz for your altar or tumbled stones to be a part of your spiritual practice, here are all the amazing ways you can say yes to universal love, inner peace, and swapping out calamity for a calm and balanced life.

Lepidolite in the home:

When it comes to Feng Shui practice no stone can boast more harmonious magic than the lyrical loveliness of Lepidolite. Place this stone in any space that needs its energy centering and feel all those frayed threads finally come together.

For those who want Lepidolite to lend a hand when it comes to personal journeys of discovery, you can also place this stone in the northern corners of your house as a talisman or amulet for discovery.

For those who struggle with PMS or emotional imbalance during their monthly cycle, you can also meditate with Lepidolite around this time to help restore inner harmony.

Another way you can welcome Lepidolite in is by placing it in a shared space to reduce the imprint of unhealthy dependency. 

Cleansing Lepidolite:

  • Cleanse by smudging
  • Charge with tumbled quartz

Just like all stones, Lepidolite will thrive best when kept cleansed and charged & always ready for its next course of action. Remember, Lepidolite is super soft so you should steer clear of any heavy-handed techniques when it comes to cleaning. One of the best ways to keep your Lepidolite Stone safe and sound is by never cleansing with water and instead relying on smudging methods or using other tumbled quartz stones to help soak up any stashed away energy.

Use a sage stick to waft some cleansing smoke around your Lepidolite and this will work to keep it emotionally cleansed and charged.

MINERAL FAMILY: Phyllosilicate

COLOUR:  Light lavender to deep purple with lustrous silver & white flecks.

COMPANION STONES: Aragonite: for better sleep. Smokey Quartz for anxiety, Malachite: for transformation. Apophyllite & Selenite for peace.

Size: approx. 7.5cm 

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