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 Sonoma Sunset

Crisp & fruity blend of, grapes blended with grape leaf and light musk with additional top notes of lemon and lime, middle notes of violet and geranium, all on a base of vanilla and hazelnut.
Top Notes: Lime, Lemon
Middle Notes: Grape, Geranium
Base Notes: Violet, Vanilla


Thai Lime Mango
A refreshing zesty accord with mouth watering lemongrass, lemon peel and Kaffir lime supported with fresh pineapple, melon, grapefruit and juicy mango.
Top Notes: Kaffir Lime, Pineapple
Middle Notes: Lemongrass, Melon
Base Notes: Vanilla Bean, Cedarwood


Musk Rose Woods

A beautiful perfume inspired scent with a balance of musk, rose and precious woods. This delightful combination will fill the room with a glamorous aroma.
Top Notes: Lavender, Patchouli, Rose
Middle Notes: Lemon, Grapefruit
Base Notes: Musk & Precious woods 


Cola Bottles
The perfect mix of sweet and sour, reminiscent of your favourite childhood lollies. 
Top Notes: Lemon, Lime
Middle Notes:Nutmeg, Clove
Base Notes: Vanilla, Cinnamon
Brazilian Goddess
Riminess of the popular body cream packed with notes of pistachio, salted caramel and vanilla.
Top notes: pistachio and almond.
Mid notes: heliotrope, jasmine petals.
Base notes: vanilla, salted caramel, sandalwood.
Notes of Red and black raspberries, Madagascar vanilla, Moroccan citrus peel, with sweet honey and cognac .
Fresh Linen
There's nothing more fresh feeling then that set of freshly washed linen.
Top Notes: Citrus
Middle Notes: jasmine, violet, rose
Base Notes: cedar, sandalwood, musk
Peony Blush
"Inspired by Jo Malone Fragrance"

Luxurious and sensual with floral peony, rose and jasmine with hints of fuji apple, honeydew, white musk and amber.

Top Notes: Mandarin, Leaf Green

Middle Notes: Peony, Melon

Base Notes: Vanilla, Musk


Cinnamon Orange 
A strong orange and mandarin base with spicy notes of cinnamon and ginger.

Top Notes: Orange and Grapefruit

Middle Notes: Clove Leaf and Cinnamon

Base Notes: Vanilla, Malt and Musk


Mulled Wine

Bursting with rich, warm aromas of fruit, spice and red wine, a true winter warmer for those cosy nights indoors.

Top Notes: Leafy green and orange zest

Middle Notes: Strawberry, violet, raspberry and carnation

Base Notes: Vanilla, balsam, cinnamon, spice and tonka bean

Salted Caramel
A gorgeous sweet treat with buttery top notes and just a touch of saltiness, rounded out with caramel, coconut, vanilla and creamy condensed milk.

Top Notes: Hazelnut, Sea Salt.

Middle Notes: Creme Caramel, Candied Pecan

Base Notes: Tonka Bean, Condensed Milk.