At Hayley Renee Soy Candle & Bath we love to do our bit for the environment, that is why you'll find all our glassware can be reused around the home

After burning simply hand wash your beautiful glassware with hot soapy water & Reuse,,

  • Owls, Buddhas, Apples & Babushkas make the perfect trinket boxes.
  • Our Beautiful Renee Collection make a stunning range of Wine or Drinking Glasses.
  • Our Jumbo Renee Collection make the most stunning large Vase or Fish bowl.
  • Our Signature Collection can be reused around the home perfect for the Bathroom, Pantry or as a Planter
  • Our Cosmic Bowl makes a stunning table bowl or terrarium.
  • Our Illuminate Lanterns can be reused with a tealight candle and a beautiful lantern.

We also Offer discounted refills on all of our products, Candle will be heat tested before refilling to ensure the glassware stability for you safety we will notify you if glassware does not pass our heat testing. Find out more about our Refill Service Here

Packaging Orders

We aim to reuse boxes & packing materials as much as we can and we ensure your candles travel safely packed with Eco Fill Packing Peanuts that are biodegradable, dissolvable in water or use in the garden as fertiliser.