Aquarius Full Moon

Humanitarian, Revolutionary, Eccentric, Community

On Tuesday August 2nd at 04:33 am (Melbourne Time) we welcome the Full Moon in Aquarius.

Also known as the Sturgeon Moon, named after the North Americas largest fish & the time the fish are in full run & most active. Other names for this moon are the Grain Moon, Corn Moon, Lynx Moon, and Lightning Moon.

Aquarius full moon spiritual significance, This Moon's energy brings acceptance to the need for change, also the strength along with maturity to carry it out. Astrologically, the Aquarius Full Moon is also a time for letting go of old, outdated things. Maybe clean out your closet or your attic or clean out your attitudes.

Let this moons light illuminate the bounty within your life. Take note of what you may be missing & set your intentions to reap the benefits surrounding you.

This year's Sturgeon Moon will also be a Supermoon, it will be the second of four supermoons in 2023.

What is a Supermoon?

When the Full Moon takes place & is its closest approach to Earth, it is called a Super Full Moon.

Super Moon Spiritual Significance:

Spiritually a Supermoon refers to the intense energy and heightened emotions that come with this astronomical event.

  • A powerful time for manifestation and setting intentions.
  • The heightened energy of a Supermoon can bring about major life changes.
  • It’s a time for reflection and releasing old patterns that no longer serve us.
  • This event can connect us to our intuition and subconscious mind.

During a Supermoon, our emotions are magnified, and our intuition is heightened. It’s an excellent time to meditate, journal, and connect with our spiritual selves.

Setting intentions and releasing old patterns or negative beliefs during this time can be especially effective. Take advantage of the Supermoon’s energy by engaging in spiritual practices such as crystal healing, tarot readings, or energy work.

The full moon is a time of endings and new beginnings. It’s a time to release what no longer serves us and make space for fresh starts.

The supermoon amplifies these energies, making it an ideal time for setting intentions and letting go of old patterns.

The full moon is also a powerful time for connection and community. We are reminded that we are not alone in our journey and that we are all connected by the light of the moon.

Practices for the Super Full Moon in Aquarius...

Write down your intentions: What do you hope to manifest in your life? The full moon is an ideal time to get clear about what you want and set your intention for attracting it into your life. Be specific, be positive, and don’t forget to include a timeline if appropriate.
Perform a ritual or ceremony: There are all sorts of ways to do this use whatever feels right for you. You could light candles, say affirmations out loud, or even take a ceremonial bath using full moon water (collected during the previous new moon). The important thing is that you’re focused and present during whatever activity you choose. It doesn’t have to be complicated – sometimes simplicity is best!
Connect with nature: Spend some time outside under the light of the full moon go for a walk, sit in silence, or meditate. Let yourself be bathed in its energy and allow any negative thoughts or feelings to dissipate away from you like clouds clearing from the sky after a stormy night. This is also an excellent opportunity to give thanks for all of the blessings in your life.
Aquarius Full Moon Affirmations:
  • I release thought patterns, habits and perspectives that no longer serve my highest good or the highest good of all.
  • I am grateful for all the blessings in my life and welcome more with open arms.
  • I embrace my inner strength and use it to achieve my goals.
  • I trust that the universe will provide for me and my loved ones.

Crystals for Aquarius Full Moon:

  • Selenite
  • Labradorite
  • Amethyst
  • Amazonite
  • Smokey Quartz


August 01, 2023 — Hayley Ragona

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