Candle Care Kits


Candle Care Accessories

Candle Care is such an important part of getting that perfect burn & life out of your Candles, giving you a safe & long lasting burn every light.

Wick Trimmers: Its important to Trim Your Wick every burn, To use, simply trim the head of the wick to 5mm once the soy wax has cooled. This helps to eliminate blackening & soot developing on the glass, reduces smoking and excessive “mushrooming” of the wick. Keeping your candle wick trimmed gives you a cleaner, longer and safer candle burn.

Wick Dipper: A Wick Dipper assists in extinguishing your candle safely with next to no wick smouldering and smoking, keeping your house free of smoky residue and odours, Leaving your home continuing to smell of your beautiful candle. While priming your wick with soy wax ready for the next lighting. Simply Extinguish your candle flame by using the wick dipper to gently dip the wick into the pool of hot wax.

Candle Snuffer: A Candle Snuffer assists in extinguishing a candles flame safely, Simply lower the bell over the Candle Flame until the bottom of the bell lightly touches the wax pool, wait 3-5 second & the flame should completely extinguish.

Colour: Matte Black


Wick Trimmer: 60mmW x 180mmL

Wick Dipper: 17mmW x 200mmL

Candle Snuffer: 24mmW x 190mmL (full length extended) // Handle 158mm x 7mm x 4mm