Citrine | Traveler Candle


Our Traveler Collection...

We created this range with the roaming traveler in mind, these beautiful candles allow you to take this candle wherever your journey may take you, if it's a holiday, when you're needing that energy boost in the office, out meditating somewhere magical or just a small candle to enjoy within the home. Each candle is infused with positive energy in mind and the added boost of crystal chips.

Citrine: is spiritually believed to teach you how to manifest and attract wealth.
It is the perfect stone for success, prosperity, abundance and attracting anything that is good for you. It’s believed to be a wealth generator. It’s believed to help develop a positive attitude, promoting joy. Perfect placement of citrine is anywhere you want to grow wealth, personal or business.

Fragrance: A Citrusy Energizing Scent

Top Notes: Pomegranate Lime, Middle Notes: Jasmine Kumquat, Base Notes: Musk Cedarwood

  • 130g
  • Approx 30+ hour burn time.