Cleanse | Pure Essential Oil Blend


Flush out negativity & create a space of positivity & good energy, with our Cleanse pure essential oil blend.

Cleanse your space of negativity with our blend of Sage, Rosemary, Basil, May Cheng and Orange.

Simply place a few drops into your Wamer or Diffuser to disperse throughout your space, to help cleanse & bring new positive energy.

Volume: 10ml


Sage: is known to stimulate and clarify the mind while exhibiting a balancing, uplifting, soothing, and strengthening effect on the senses to ease negative moods. It is known to promote a sense of attentiveness, enhance memory, and soothe discomforts of the digestive, respiratory, and female reproductive systems.

Rosemary: helps reduce stress levels and nervous tension, boost mental activity, encourage clarity and insight, relieve fatigue, and support respiratory function. It is used to improve alertness, eliminate negative moods, and increase the retention of information by enhancing concentration. 

Basil: is known to emit a warm, sweet, freshly floral and crisply herbaceous scent that has been described as being airy, vibrant, uplifting.

May Cheng: May Chang has been utilized for its wonderful uplifting and relaxing properties to help ease anxious feelings and clear the mind. its refreshing scent will also help you feel revitalized.

Sweet Orange: This natural antidepressant helps with lethargy, promotes positive feelings and calms nervousness. 

Our Essential Oils are 100% Pure Natural Essential Oil

Aroma Diffuser

Add 3-8 drops to your Aroma Diffuser.

Electric Wamers:

Add water & 3-8 drops to the dish of you Melt Warmer.

Please take care when using water & liquids around electrical warmers. We do not recommend this for mini pluggable electric warmers.

Bathing Ritual:

Add 4-6 drops to warm bath water.

  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Consult with your medical practitioner before use if you are pregnant.
  • We do not recommend ingesting essentials oils.
  • Avoid contact with eyes.
  • Do not apply directly to skin.
  • Can cause skin irritations. If Irritation occurs wash & stop use immediately.