CLEAR QUARTZ | Crystal Tealight Holder


The Master Healer


Clear Quartz Energy:

Chakra: Third Eye Element: Fire Planet: Sun Star sign: Aries & Pisces

BEST FOR: Amplifying other stones, energy + increasing intention, and assists with clarity + mental blocks.

AFFIRMATION: “I choose to create moments of stillness to find strength, harmony and clarity.”

Clear Quartz is a master healer, bringing with it swathes of powerful positive vibrations, deep soul cleansing, and enhanced patience and prosperity for all those who turn to quietly unique spiritual energy.

A shield against negative energy and infused with potent positive vibes, the Clear Quartz stone is a sublime emotional aid for all those seeking a long-term pick me up. This icy bright and luminous stone gets to work on the soul, kicking out the energy that is dragging you down and infusing you with a new sense of purpose and play. It stimulates brighter feelings and takes even the tiniest hint of joy and turns it into something larger than life if you are willing to let it. 

Clear Quartz is all about spiritual growth, it loves enticing you to look deep. It’s a crystal that connects with all the chakras, clearing out blockages, spring cleaning your aura and inviting energy to flow. Part of the Clear Quartz meaning is that it especially likes to stimulate the crown chakra. This is the chakra for those that are ready to connect with higher plains and to leap into the infinite possibilities offered by the universe.

Clear Quartz in the home:

Invite Clear Quartz to brighten up your world by weaving its luminous uplifting nature into your Feng Shui fantasies. In Feng Shui traditional practice, Clear Quartz tends to be used for cleansing and purifying energy. If you have a space that tends to get more heated, whether it’s the office after a big project or a shared house where tensions are tight, then using Clear Quartz to clear the air can be a magical way to lift the mood. Place it in shared spaces like the living room to bring a sense of harmony or leave it in a creative space to bring creative healing.

Cleansing Clear Quartz:

  • Cleanse in water
  • Charge in the moon

Keeping your Clear Quartz cleansed and charged is the absolute best way to bring out its boundless healing properties. Simply run it under water to wash away any blockages and use a soft dry cloth to polish. You can also set your Clear Quartz in a glass of mineral water to let it have a truly good soak. Remember that you may need to have a more delicate hand when cleansing quartz clusters. 



Those looking to bring a burst of life to their Clear Quartz can leave it to charge under a full moon or involve the crystal in a smudging session to waft away old energies and bring about the power of the new.


COLOUR:  Clear to cloudy white

COMPANION STONES: All: quartz amplifies the energy of other stones.

Size: Approx: 110mm(H) x 100mm(W).

They say the crystal chooses you — Trust us to intuitively choose the perfect crystal best suited for your space.


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