ENERGY | Crystal Essential Roller


Looking for that pick me up, we've go the perfect energy booster with our signature Energy essential oil roller.

Essential Oil Benefits: 
  • Lemon: Stimulating and invigorating. Sharpens the mind and increases vitality to help focus throughout the day.
  • Lime: Encourages internal cleansing, up lift and restores natural energy.
  • Mandarin: 
  • Bergamot: The oil of self-love, self-approval and acceptance. Increase calmness, confidence and inner stability.
  • OrangeOpens and lightens the hearts energies. Antidepressant treats bouts of lethargy. Promotes pleasant emotions while relieving nervousness and anxiety.
Crystal Infusion: 
  • Lemon Calcite: belongs to the Solar plexus chakra stimulating your inner sunshine as its spiritually powered by the sun. Lemon calcite shines bright like the sun and spiritually harnesses its brightness and its warmth, providing you warm comforting healing energy for any kind of healing. As well as energizing and invigorating you helping you feel strong and healthy as well as helping stimulate the inner sunshine within you, helping you feel the warmth and the joy within you, just like the beautiful sunshine helps you feel warm and joyful.
Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Lemon EO, Lime EO, Bergamot EO, Orange EO, Lemon Calcite Crystal Chips.