Green Aventurine | Crystal Tealight Holder


Stone of Sublime Prosperity and Purpose


Green Aventurine Energy:

Chakra: Heart Element: Water, Earth & Wind Planet: Mercury & Venus Star sign: Aries & Leo

BEST FOR: Healing the heart, inviting prosperity and abundance into your life, encourages having an optimistic outlook, great for manifesting and creating opportunity

AFFIRMATION: “I welcome wealth and abundance into my life and allow myself to heal.”

Green Aventurine is most popular this wealthy and wonderful stone. For those who are keen to attract a little more of Lady Luck’s energy into their world, Green Aventurine is the stone to turn to. Along with being a talisman of good fortune, this stone is also ready to soothe the soul, regulate your energy, and keep your heart open and ready to receive.

Connecting to the solar plexus, throat, the heart, and the third eye – there is a ton of healing energy to be found tucked into the stone of Aventurine. Green Aventurine is a heart chakra clearer. It helps you to clear out those blockages that may have been holding you back. It stops you getting stuck in the same old trust issues, and it encourages you to find strength and space and courage when it comes to what you let in and what you let go off. When the heart chakra has regained its flow, it means that we are better equipped to move with the changes that naturally occur in life and to embrace these cycles as simply being a part of our journey.

Green Aventurine in the home:

In the home or the office, wherever you need a lightning strike of abundance, this is where you want to place your Aventurine stone.

Without a doubt, those who find themselves struggling to grasp confidence when it comes to the workplace, or those looking to boost their own business, there’s no stone that brings the potential of prosperity quite like Green Aventurine. Place it on your desk, pop it in your purse, or wear it when in your next meeting and watch wealth, wonder, and recognition all flow your way.

If you prefer to turn to Aventurine for its kindly communication, then place the stone in places where harmony can sometimes be off-balance. Whether in a house share or a family home, Aventurine can bring heightened communication and added compassion.

Cleansing Green Aventurine:

  • Cleanse with water
  • Charge with plants and nature

Like all energy collecting and healing crystals, Aventurine loves to be cleansed and recharged so its always ready for action. 

By cleansing Aventurine, you are able to wash away any toxic blocks it has collected along the way, and this commitment to keeping the stone clean also means that it stays at the pinnacle of its power game.

Charging your Aventurine back up Green Aventurine loves to be placed close to plants and foliage for a natural burst of energy. 


COLOUR:  Light green to green, slight shimmer

COMPANION STONES: Citrine & Pyrite for Abundance.

Approx: 110mm(H) x 100mm(W).

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