HAPPINESS | Crystal Essential Roller


Feeling down, discover the ultimate mood booster with our signature Happiness essential oil roller.

Essential Oil Benefits: 
  • Bergamot: The oil of self-love, self-approval and acceptance. Increase calmness, confidence and inner stability.
  • Mandarin: is remarkable for dealing with cases of insomnia, nervousness, anxiety. It is one of the most calming essential oils that can help with depression and apprehension.
  • Geranium: Alleviates feelings of anxiety and depression. Relaxing and uplifting for the mind body and soul.
Crystal Infusion: 
  • Carnelian: believed to bring happiness and a self-esteem boost, promoting energy and creativity. This stone is believed to help you achieve success in all areas of life like relationships, family, school or work. It spiritually strengthens mental power allowing you to live life with confidence. It spiritually boosts ambitions, future goals and brings happiness.
Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Bergamot EO, Mandarin EO, Geranium EO, Carnelian Crystal Chips.