Palo Santo | Cleansing Mist


Cleanse your space with out smoke or flame with our Aroma Cleansing Mist.

Cleansing negative energy without the smoke.

Palo Santo (The Holy Wood) is spiritually believed to cleanse all negative energy away and invite positive energy. This is an ancient, practiced tradition, a ritual that believes that if you have family members stressed out carrying negative thoughts and feeling down or there is tension or conflict in your home or work, Palo Santo helps get rid of that negative energy and invites positive energy and thoughts.

Made from 100% Pure Essential Oil.

Volume: 100ml

Cleansing is hugely beneficial after any kind of major upheaval - new house, new marriage, new crystals or even new furniture or decor (especially if op-shopping or antiquing).  It can help during changes in emotional energy or after sickness or a major re-arranging.  Or even if you just feel like “something is off” or as part of your full moon ritual.  Really - as needed, there’s no bad time to cleanse your space.