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Say it with me... with each full moon, I release old patterns that no longer serve me. I am ready to release all negativity and welcome positivity into my life. I trust the divine and I know that everything is unfolding for me exactly as and when it should. I release any fear of the unknown and embrace the journey ahead of me.

Flush out negativity & create a space of positivity & good energy. Cleanse your space & mindset of negativity with a spitz of our blend of Sage, Rosemary, Basil, May Cheng and Orange.


Sage: is known to stimulate and clarify the mind while exhibiting a balancing, uplifting, soothing, and strengthening effect on the senses to ease negative moods. It is known to promote a sense of attentiveness, enhance memory, and soothe discomforts of the digestive, respiratory, and female reproductive systems.

Rosemary: helps reduce stress levels and nervous tension, boost mental activity, encourage clarity and insight, relieve fatigue, and support respiratory function. It is used to improve alertness, eliminate negative moods, and increase the retention of information by enhancing concentration. 

Basil: is known to emit a warm, sweet, freshly floral and crisply herbaceous scent that has been described as being airy, vibrant, uplifting.

May Cheng: May Chang has been utilized for its wonderful uplifting and relaxing properties to help ease anxious feelings and clear the mind. its refreshing scent will also help you feel revitalized.

Sweet Orange: This natural antidepressant helps with lethargy, promotes positive feelings and calms nervousness.