Self Love Ritual Soak


What is a ritual bath? 

This is simply the practice of turning bathing, (whether in a tub, shower, or even just a foot bath), into a ritual for spiritual nourishment and self-care.

Our Self Love Ritual Soak contains all the things you need to relax and pamper yourself. Surrounding yourself with unconditional love.  Each soak also contains a crystal to suit the intention for you to keep & continue your energy work with.

  • Himalayan Salt: Renowned for helping to relieve aches and pains & is considered to be the purest salt available on earth, naturally it contains up to 84 different types of minerals. The perfect deep cleanse and revitalization of your skin.
  • Epsom Salt: Salt is naturally cleansing making it perfect to bathe in, Epsom salt rich in magnesium is perfect for soothing sore muscles & joints leaving you feeling relaxed & invigorated.
  • Milk Bath: have been used since ancient Roman times & Cleopatra used to frequent milk baths for the healthy aging skin benefits. In modern times, many take milk baths to soothe dry or irritated skin. Especially when it comes to skin conditions like eczema.
  • Rose Petals: Used in spell work in beauty & glamour. Rose petals are commonly used in baths to relax your mind & body. 
  • Hibiscus: This inviting, beautiful flower is commonly used as an aphrodisiac, & in love spells to harness the powers of love. Hibiscus Flowers are prized for their ability to increase love in a room.
  • Pure Essential Oils: Cinnamon (Reduce Exhaustion, Increases Libido) Geranium (Assists with Anxiety), Ylang Ylang (Calming & Mood Boosting), Mandarin (Calming & Relaxing)
  • Rose Quartz Crystal: Spiritually the stone of unconditional love and peace. It is believed to enhance and attract love. It is the most important crystal of the heart and the heart chakra. It is believed to open up the heart to self-love and bring calmness, reassurance, deep peace and inner healing.

Affirmation: I appreciate all the ways that I am unique. I love myself just as I am. I deserve to love & be loved.

How To Use

Place generous amount into warm bath, immerse yourself & enjoy.

If you prefer not to have the ingredients & florals floating in the water, place the mixture into the reusable tea bag and leave soak infusing the bathwater.


Product contains pure essential oils & dried florals, If pregnant please consult a doctor before use.

If irritation occurs stop use immediately.