SLEEP | Shower Steamer


Looking for that at home Spa experience? Love Bath-bombs but more the Shower type? Shower Steamers will be your new shower best-friend.

Infused with our pure essential blends there's one to suit every mood.

Wind down for a restful nights rest..

Our Sleep Essential Oil Shower Steamers will help you to relax, remain calm and assist sleep with getting a good night’s rest.

Encourage calmness with a combination of pure essential oils Sweet Orange, Lavender, Ylang Ylang. You'll be relaxed and ready to jump into bed.

Essential Oil Benifits:
  • Orange: Sweet orange has uplifting properties (like all the citrus oils family) but is also a calming and balancing oil. By providing a positive relief of tensions in the mind and body, sweet orange is very effective in assisting with insomnia and can improve sleep quality.
  • Lavender: Its calming, relaxing aroma promotes a peaceful environment. Lavender can help soothe and relax the mind & prepare for a restful night’s sleep.
  • Ylang Ylang: Holds positive effects on your mood and act like a mild, natural anxiety or depression remedy. It’s said to “expand the heart,” and research shows it may help release negative emotions, including anger, low self-esteem and jealousy. It’s also beneficial for fighting insomnia and chronic fatigue syndrome since it has mild sedative effects and can lower stress responses, like a fast heartbeat and high blood pressure.

Each steamer breaks into 4 individual steamers.

Simply place one shower steamer cube on the floor in the corner of the shower and relax while the luxurious aromas fill the room.

Shower Steamers are Activated by The Heat and Steam from your shower along with small Splashes of water. For The Best Result we recommend Getting Your Shower/Bathroom Nice & Steamy before using.


Baking Soda, Citric Acid, Creme of Tatar, Pure Blend of Essential Oils (Listed in Description above) & Grapeseed Oil, Dried Florals.


This product is not for use in baths.

Please take caution as product may cause shower base to be slippery.