Soft Mint | Electric Fragrance Warmer

Soft Mint: A precision-cut pattern allows the light to be the focal point of a soft matte finish in a refreshing mint glaze.

Enjoy enchanting fragrance with a flick of a switch. No more swapping out of tea light candles or the worry of little fingers getting burnt, Electric Warmers are the perfect addition to any space.

Simply add your faveourite wax melts to the top dish, turn on, and enjoy your favorite fragrance as it spreads through the room. 

Free Melt Pack Included. "Add a Melt Pack To Cart for Free Discount to be Applied"

Our Electric Fragrance Warmers Feature..
  • Luxury flame free fragrance solution.
  • Can be used with Wax melts or Fragrance oils & water..
  • Globe heating design.
  • Soft glow lamp function.
  • Heats warm enough to touch.
  • Replacement globes available (Click Here)


"Please use Caution if using water & fragrance oils around electrics."

How To Use

Place desired wax melt (1-2 cubes recommended) into dish, allow to melt & enjoy.

Please note: wax will not evaporate like water & oils, once fragrance has diminished remove wax melt & replace.

Safety Warning/Warranty

Please do not leave warmer on for excessive amounts of time, we recommend a maximum of 4-5 hours, to reduce the occurrence of globes blowing.

Please only use the globe included or purchased from us or other warmer retailers. Anything else may damage your burner.

Additional Globes can be purchased here.

When cleaning your burner or replacing a melt do not touch the globe. The oils on your fingers can damage the globe and cause them to blow out.

Electric Warmers carry a 6 month Consumer Warranty, Consumer warranty does not cover misuse, inefficient cleaning or globes.